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Software Engineering Division/Code 580

Code 580 Organization Chart

Division Chief: Jerome Bennett

Associate Division Chief: Myron Bradshaw

Associate Division Chief: Vacant

Chief Engineer: Dan Berry

Assistant Chief for Technology: Karin Blank (Acting)

Assistant Chief for Operations: Ben Lui

New Business Lead: Steve Tompkins

Systems Engineer / COR:  Michael Oben

Code 580 Division IT Manager: Lucy Pagan

Administrative Officer / Program Analyst: Vacant

Administrative Officer / Program Specialist: Amy Taylor

Division Secretary: Kellie Banks

Associate Division Secretary:  Brittany Turner

Software Systems Engineering Branch (Code 581)

Branch Head: Greg Yoblin

Associate Branch Head: Dave Matusow

Associate Branch Head: Adrienne Beamer

Associate Branch Head: Adrian Dawson

Associate Branch Head: Nargess Memarsadeghi

Secretary: Melody Nash

Flight Software Systems Branch (Code 582)

Branch Head: Steven Hughes

Associate Branch Head: Daniel Knutsen

Associate Branch Head: Romae Young

Associate Branch Head: Richard Landau (Detail)

Secretary: Rhonda Holton

Ground Software Systems Branch (Code 583)

Branch Head: Monisha Dawson

Associate Branch Head: Jason Upchurch (Detail)

Associate Branch Head:   Vacant

Secretary: Melody Nash

Mission Validation and Operations Branch (Code 584)

Branch Head: Steve Odendahl

Associate Branch Head: Mike Machado

Secretary:  Jonetta House

Computing Environments and Technologies Branch (Code 585)

Branch Head: Jerome Bennett (Acting)

Associate Branch Head: Mindy Hammond

Associate Branch Head: Carlos Dutan

Secretary: Jonetta House

Science Data Systems Branch (Code 586)

Branch Head: Susan Valett

Associate Branch Head: Drew Kittel

Associate Branch Head:  Vacant

Secretary:  Rhonda Holton

Science Data Processing Branch (Code 587)

Branch Head: Sabrena Ball

Associate Branch Head: Jeff Hosler

Associate Branch Head: Chris Wilson

Associate Branch Head: Vacant

Chief Engineer: Dave Petrick

Secretary:  Jonetta House

Wallops Systems Software Engineering Branch (Code 589)

Branch Head: Robert Stancil

Associate Branch Head:  Drew Parkinson

Secretary:   Melody Nash