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Code 580 Technologies and Products

Systems Architectures for Distributed Spacecraft Missions (DSM)

Principal Investigator (PI)
Description and Objectives
  • Survey, investigate, summarize and analyze concepts for distributed missions, including:
    • "constellations"
    • "formation flying"
    • "sensor webs"
    • "fractionated architectures"
    • "virtual apertures"
  • Define minimum requirements and capabilities to:
    • Cost effectively manage future multiple platform missions
    • Cost effectively develop and deploy such missions
    • Quickly design Distributed Spacecraft Missions


Montage of Distributed Spacecraft Missions (DSM)

Examples of Distributed Spacecraft Missions
Technical Approach
  1. Define DSM Terminology
  2. Perform DSM Survey
  3. Define DSM Preliminary Mission Taxonomy
  4. Identify Science needs with respect to DSMs
  5. Create Preliminary DSM Technology Roadmap
  6. Start Development of Tradespace, Cost and Risk Analysis Tools
  7. Prepare White Paper and Presentation
Main Innovation(s)
  • Define DSM taxonomy and technologies for reducing cost, risk and implementation schedule of future NASA missions
  • Developing a Trade Space Analysis Tool for Designing Constellations
Infusion Potential
  • Future Decadal Survey Missions in all Science areas
  • Tech Demo Missions