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Software Systems Engineering Branch/Code 581

The Software Systems Engineering Branch provides end-to-end software systems engineering for the development and the support of conceptual design, requirements specification, implementation and maintenance of software systems that enable current and future NASA missions, programs and projects. Branch personnel represent expertise in all aspects of information, communication and technology software systems from flight and ground software components to science data systems and management. Branch personnel plan, coordinate, and lead the end-to-end development of such systems as well as provide technical and managerial oversight of contractor developed systems.

Formulation and conceptual design of future missions represent one of the core activities of the Branch, and Branch personnel actively lead and participate in collaborative proposals with other Goddard branches, Divisions and Directorates and with external partners (other NASA Centers, universities or industry). The Software Systems Engineering Branch also provides leadership within the Integrated Design Center (IDC) to enable scientists and engineers in the exploration of new design concepts for proposed space systems and missions, remote sensing instruments and advanced technology applications. This facility promotes rapid development and efficient trade studies through end-to-end simulations and analysis, such as functional systems concepts, system requirements, risk and cost studies. The Branch also provides consulting services to customers as needed, as well as expertise for trade studies, technical reviews, engineering insight, and working group activities.

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