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Science Data Processing Branch/Code 587

The Science Data Processing Branch is responsible for the design, development, implementation and integration of science data processing applications and science data processing technology for flight, in-situ and ground based systems. The Branch supports all phases of instrument, spacecraft and mission development, from concept through post-mission analysis, for Earth Science, Space Science and Exploration Systems customers. Areas of expertise include embedded science data processing, modeling/simulation, data visualization, image/sensor data processing, sensor webs, application architectures/frameworks, automation, intelligent agents, algorithm development, data compression, distributed systems, data mining, human-computer interaction, information fusion and the development of data analysis tools.

Systems engineering and consultative services are also provided to support the development of end-to-end system concepts, requirements and functional specifications for flight project, study and proposal efforts. The Branch works in collaboration with other Divisions within the Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate (500), Science and Exploration Directorate (600), Flight Projects Directorate (400), government, university and industry organizations to develop effective science data processing solutions that enable scientific investigation and meet customer needs.