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Software Engineering Division/Code 580

The Software Engineering Division (SED) is responsible for the engineering of software and information systems throughout all phases (formulation through on-orbit operations) of NASA programs and projects. These systems include: flight, ground, and science data software for spacecraft monitoring, control, on-orbit performance management and operations; spacecraft data processing and analysis, and information management; and science data analysis and management. The SED focuses on the development of reusable flight and ground architectures and frameworks to reduce mission cost, decrease development time, minimize customer risk, and increase the scientific value of information products. The SED provides expertise in software systems engineering, secure environments, and the software product development lifecycle to ensure the delivery of reliable software and information systems solutions.

The SED's leadership and vision in identifying and applying emerging software technologies enables future science and exploration missions, enhances science return, and simplifies system development and operation. The SED accomplishes this through close collaboration within GSFC, and with other NASA Centers, Government agencies, academia, and industry.


The SED provides software products, services and expertise to ensure the success of NASA missions and NASA partners.   Products, services and expertise include: flight, ground and science data systems and technologies; mission environments, software engineering, software systems engineering, mission operations and mission validation.


The Software Engineering Division is recognized within the aerospace community as the "Go-To" organization for reliable, innovative and cost effective data and software systems and technologies.